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   Acquire skills to deal with conflicts constructively

Boosted morale. Increased Productivity. Happy, healthier employees. If you’re an employer, consider the huge benefits of a workplace conflict resolution training.

Conflicts are part of our every day life. We cannot escape them, but we can learn how to  deal with them more constructively. By learning cutting edge communication techniques and conflict resolution strategies, you will become a conflict resolver in your community, work place or family.

Visualize potential negotiation landmines. Anticipate your competitor’s next move. Close deals and create value. Attend the most intense negotiation and conflict resolution hands-on courses ever. As a graduate of this course, you can expect to …

  • Become the go-to negotiator at your company for the biggest deals
  • Be in demand as a dealmaking consultant
  • Command compensation commensurate with your new status
  • Achieve advancing outcomes in every situation

“One pitfall in negotiation situations is that decision makers often overlook others’ viewpoints. When they take others’ thinking into account, they tend to assume that the others know as much as they do. For this reason, people fail at predicting the beliefs, values, and tastes of their counterparts.”

“Give yourself an ‘out’ – a break that allows you to take a walk to cool down, to call a friend or colleague for reinforcement, or remind yourself of your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement).”



Program development is an ongoing systematic process which is followed as we plan, implement and evaluate programs. This process can be applied on a small scale to an individual workshop; on a larger scale to a comprehensive community initiative or to a county or statewide program of action. The program development process is captured in our program development model that includes situational analysis, the logic model and evaluation.


Anyone with an interest in gaining the knowledge and tools to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflict and build lasting peace can apply. Whether you are from the public or private sector, are civilian or military, the courses offered will provide high-quality instruction. They will help you build and strengthen the skills required for managing conflict in all its phases, from prevention to post-conflict peacebuilding, both in your community and around the world.


Data collection, analysis, and visualization to help the clients gain insights into their operating environment and make effective decisions.