Remembering Mandela – Individuals are capable of changing the world

index The world has cracked a little with the loss of one of its greatest   fathers. The human family feels this loss, but instead of despair, we can see celebration and tender memory of Madiba’s achievement and life. Remembering Mandela gives us hope and proves that humans can recognize goodness in its prime form. He was a leader that put his country and people first, his governance was integrative and unselfish. Good deeds that Mandela leaves behind will continue reverberating through ages transmitting the message that individuals are capable of changing the world. It was not just his humility and perseverance that made the peaceful change possible in South Africa, but also his openness to the Other, to the ‘Enemy’.

He forgave his jailor and he forgave the wrongdoers on behalf of his nation. It is forgiveness that touched the souls of many transforming relationships and creating better and more peaceful world.

The authenticity of his words and his deeds knew no borders. He was a recipient of Nobel Peace Prize, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Soviet Order of Lenin, among many others. Nelson Mandela is not only Tata of South Africa, but the whole world.

Blessed are the peacemakers, who choose the roads less traveled and who open new horizons for the rest of us. They are sent to us as stars that illuminate a place in our hearts, which is truly human, that inner capacity to do good and help others be better.

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